So mom playtested the game

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So mom playtested the game Empty So mom playtested the game

Post  jacqui on Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:24 pm

Hey guys! So I put the game on my desktop computer and had my mom playtest it.
good news is, she enjoyed it! Some things she liked:

1. Cute!
2. She liked turning on the lights!
3. She understood what to do right away! (bringing the candy to the guardians. This is a huge one,
considering this is my mom we're talking about)

Here are just some issues that we found:

1. Out of the way lights? I noticed that for some lights you had to go out of your way to
go towards them and turn them on. Though my mom liked going over to them, she didn't start until
later on. I'm wondering if the further away ones (the ones in the large open areas and they are off
in a corner) should have bigger trigger boxes, or be closer to the confined areas, or something
that doesn't make the player have to get so close to them to turn them one.

2. Camera. I know we're working on this, but the camera often clips through the hedges, or at least
the way my mom played it. Granted she's not too experienced with video games to have good control
over the playing. Same with the character controls I guess, because she often got herself stuck on corners
because she couldn't turn herself sharply enough to avoid them.

3. The pink light in the green area. Terry I'm pretty sure you know the one Wink

4. Now this one was a surprise. She got all the way to the green candy and she picked it up, and on the
the way back, was brushing against the wall quite a lot. I'm not sure if this affected it,
but somehow the green candy started to spiral out of control on top of her head. Eventually it
flew off, and, well, that pretty much broke the game. Not sure what happened here, so we'll
probably have to investigate it more.

We'll probably discuss this more during our next meeting but I thought to bring it up now while it was fresh in my mind.

But that was pretty much the jist of our playtest! It's good, I think we have a game that can actually
be pretty amusing. Smile


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So mom playtested the game Empty Re: So mom playtested the game

Post  rillani on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:11 pm

Awesome! That's great feedback. Tell your mom we say thank you! Smile

I took the game to playtesting club, and many people found similar issues. Although I did fix the spurious pink lamp by then, the other problems your mom encountered remained an annoyance for even seasoned video game players. She's not alone. I'll put up the notes I took in a new thread.


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So mom playtested the game Empty Re: Pink lamp in green zone?

Post  jenn.johnson on Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:59 pm

I didn't know what you were talking about when you said there was pink lamp in the green zone, so I tried to open the latest build on my PC at home to investigate. There's some kind of bug where the character is always moving, wether I tell him to or not, which made navigation impossible.

So, what's the deal with colored lamps in colored zones? I get pink bunny is easier to solve than green, than blue, but are all the lamps in their zones the same color as the bunnies? Does that mean we aren't using the original gummy bear colors? Or does the lamp color just not match the gummy color? Or is it the candy cane color? What's going on?

Meanwhile, what's going on with the character driving himself. Has anyone else had this problem? I might have opened it wrong or something.

Thanks for your help!


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So mom playtested the game Empty Re: So mom playtested the game

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