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Post  LadyTorix on Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:33 pm

I've updated the Asset List, including color coding the sections and making anything we don't have done yet highlighted in yellow.

Please remember to update the list as you create assets (also, please change the background color back to white so we know its done.)

But here's a Handy Dandy run down of everything that's currently on our to-do list:

Highest Priority (1):

Soften Edges on Lollipop Fence
Soften Hedges and Hedge End Caps
Double Check All Lamp Posts and Objects for Floating
Higher Rez Textures for Candy Cane and Cotton Candy Sticks
Frosting Alphas for Decorating Hedges

Things that need to be modeled:

Pez Wall Pieces (Wall and End Cap)

1 thin candy wafer
1 row of thin candy wafers

Bunny Tunnel (Terry)
Swedish Raspberry

UI Interface (Jenn):
Title Screen
Pause Screen
How to Play
Lampost Counter
Gummy Bear Icons

Animation (Joni)
Polish Jump
Polish Walk

Medium Priority (2):


Orange Slices
Pretzel Shape
Swedish Fish
Gummy Worm

Fix Tree Textures (Aenok)

Lowest Priority (3):

Flower Alphas



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