Notes from Jan 21 Skype Meeting

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Notes from Jan 21 Skype Meeting Empty Notes from Jan 21 Skype Meeting

Post  rillani on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:39 pm

Notes from Jan 21:

Who's Doing What for Design Document Draft #2, due Jan 24:
  • Jacqui - Character Design (draft turnaround, maybe poses). Nail down the basic proportions early so Joni can start thumbnailing.
  • Joni - Thumbnail ideas for actions: Run, Idle, Jump. Bonus: Attack and/or Push. Animation thumbs are not technically due for the Design Doc, but would be nice.
  • Jenn - Environment Story, Style Guide, Time Line.
  • Brandon - Whitebox model. Screenshots on the website, Maya file on moodle.
  • Aenok - Forest thumbnail concepts: try different shapes, colors, and levels of detail.
  • Terry - Organize the page, put a pdf on moodle when everyone's stuff is in. Keep doing the Unity platformer tutorial.

Other stuff:

Level Design:
Tutorial area in woods. A place for Aenok's environment art.

No complex jumping puzzles.
Collect items to earn a new ability?
Move obstacles?
Attack obstacles to break them?
Only certain parts of the maze can be moved/broken?

Gates with candy ornaments.
Empty tennis shoes of previous lost children?
Keep the cheerful colorful look, but might have clues that something is amiss.

That's all I wrote down. Anybody have other notes?


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Notes from Jan 21 Skype Meeting Empty More Notes from Jan 21

Post  jenn.johnson on Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:53 pm

Level design: don't reveal all aspects of the maze at once. Turning a corner and finding something cool will motivate player to keep exploring. Without a "collect stuff" motivation, the only reason they'll want to keep playing is to find more cool places/things through exploration.


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